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Uganda Gold

Uganda Gold: Why? Buy a 50X100 Plot in Kampala!: When You Can Buy a Gold Reserve in Buhweju – New Money

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Gold in Uganda is found in various regions across the country, primarily concentrated in specific areas known for their gold deposits. Some of the notable regions where gold has been discovered or mined in Uganda include:

1. Karamoja Region : Uganda Gold

Karamoja Region: This northeastern region of Uganda, particularly areas around Moroto, Nakapiripirit, and Buhweju districts, is known for significant gold deposits. Mining activities have taken place in these areas, but they’ve also been subject to scrutiny regarding environmental impacts and tensions with local communities.

In June, Ugandan authorities unveiled a remarkable revelation: approximately 31 million metric tonnes of gold ore had been unearthed within the country’s borders. This discovery holds the potential to yield an impressive 320,158 metric tonnes of refined gold, boasting an estimated value of US$12 trillion.

Such a significant find is expected to trigger a surge in investment interest within the region’s mining sector. Presently, the exclusive license to mine these newfound deposits belongs to the Chinese mining company, Wagagai, heralding the likelihood of heightened Chinese involvement in Uganda’s mining industry.

The primary reserves were identified in the Karamoja area of the Northern region, yet additional gold reserves were also uncovered in Uganda’s eastern, central, and western regions. This momentous discovery followed a comprehensive two-year geophysical and geochemical survey conducted across the country. If the estimates hold true, this revelation positions Uganda as potentially the most gold-rich state globally.

To provide context, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the total global discovered gold quantity stands at a mere 244,000 tonnes, with an estimated 187,000 metric tonnes mined and refined throughout human history. Moreover, the USGS 2022 Mineral Commodity Summary suggests that global untapped gold reserves hover around a modest 54,000 metric tonnes.

2. Busia District

Busia District: Located in eastern Uganda near the border with Kenya, Busia is another region where gold mining activities have been reported. The artisanal and small-scale mining sector operates in this area.

Mining operations have commenced at the Busia gold mine, boasting reserves estimated at 12.5 million ounces of mineable gold. This substantial reserve equates to an estimated value of 16 billion dollars in gold, mirroring the significance of Uganda’s oil discoveries in the Lake Albert Basin. The inauguration of the mine, situated in the eastern Uganda district of Busia, was officiated by State Minister for Mineral Development, Peter Lokeris, on October 5, 2021.

Wagagai Mining operates the Busia gold mine and anticipates an annual gold production of approximately 1000 kilograms, creating a workforce of 3000 direct and indirect jobs while contributing to an estimated tax base of 30 billion shillings. The UIA-licensed company, investing 50 million dollars, has capitalized on government incentives designed to foster investment, including zero-tax import rates on mining equipment, a competitive labor environment, sound governance practices, and assured security measures.

3. Mubende District

Mubende District: Historically, Mubende has been known for gold mining activities. However, there have been instances of conflict between artisanal miners and licensed companies, leading to government interventions in regulating mining activities.

For Mubende Gold we shall talk Uganda Gold

Uganda Gold
Uganda Gold Image Credit : Wikipedia

4. Buhweju District / Uganda Gold

Buhweju District: Situated in the western part of Uganda, Buhweju is recognized for its gold deposits and mining activities, contributing to the country’s gold production.

The discovery of gold in the Buhweju-Mashonga goldfield dates back to 1933, followed by the commencement of mining activities in 1934. However, these operations faced interruptions due to the onset of the Second World War and, subsequently, the independence of the Republic of Uganda in 1962. Consequently, the rich gold deposits in the region remained under-explored and mostly untapped.

Despite these interruptions in exploration and mining, the area managed to yield a noteworthy output of 100,669 ounces of gold by 1965. This production accounted for a substantial 68% of the total gold production in Uganda during that period. The significant output from the Buhweju-Mashonga goldfield underscores its potential and importance in Uganda’s gold industry, despite the challenges posed by historical interruptions in mining activities.

These regions represent some of the key areas where gold has been discovered and mined in Uganda. It’s important to note that the gold mining sector in Uganda includes both large-scale mining operations by licensed companies and artisanal and small-scale mining conducted by local communities. Environmental and social impacts, along with legal and regulatory frameworks, have been significant aspects in managing and regulating the gold mining industry in Uganda.

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