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New: 3 Months Ago, If You Followed These 11 Guidelines You Would Have More Money in Tourism Pocket

Is your tourism pocket full, if yes stop here. If no, read on

By a matter of fact, understanding these guidelines and using them to your advantage would attract more money to your pocket as a tour and travel company.

Across the Wild African Safaris, experienced tour guides will save you the burden of searching. Please go ahead and read the guidelines

I. Introduction

A. Greet and welcome the participants
B. Provide a brief overview of the tour itinerary

II. Briefing on the tour destination

A. Share interesting historical and cultural background information
B. Highlight key landmarks and attractions

III. Transportation arrangements

A. Explain the mode of transportation during the tour (bus, boat, walking, etc.)
B. Discuss safety measures and guidelines for getting around

IV. Sightseeing stops and activities

A. Present a detailed list of the main attractions to be visited
B. Describe what participants can expect to see and experience at each stop

V. Local guides

A. Introduce the knowledgeable local guides accompanying the tour
B. Explain their role in providing insights and answering questions

Across the Wild Silver Back

VI. Leisure time and optional activities

A. Mention any free time during the tour for participants to explore on their own
B. Offer optional activities or excursions for those interested

VII. Meals and accommodations

A. Discuss the planned dining options and meal arrangements
B. Provide information on the accommodations, including amenities and features

VIII. Safety and health considerations

A. Brief participants on any local safety concerns or precautions
B. Share information on medical facilities available in the area

IX. Tour guidelines and expectations

A. Explain any rules or guidelines participants should adhere to during the tour
B. Highlight the importance of punctuality and staying together as a group

X. Q&A and closing remarks

A. Open the floor for questions from the participants
B. Recap the key points discussed, express excitement for the upcoming tour, and express appreciation for their participation

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