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Kidepo Savaanah Lodge

Are Kidepo Lions Friendly? Why Kidepo Savannah Lodge is Made of Tents ~ New

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The Kidepo Savannah Lodge

The Kidepo Savannah lodge welcomes you at the gates of Kidepo National Park. It would not bather you so much if you were white, or from the US or UK.

But are you ready to sleep in a tent when visiting the lions?


Where you would expect concrete walls and iron bars? there are tents! Why, in the game like Kidepo, the Kidepo Savannah Lodge would be made of make shift shelters at the gate of lions

For those of you who sleep too much need to read the 7 unique reasons!

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The Story of a Friendly Kidepo Lion that Visited the Cafeteria

But what is game for, if you don’t encounter such! that is the Kidepo Savannah Lodge

As the clock struck noon, the Kidepo Savannah Lodge, an unexpected guest sauntered into the cafeteria—a lion.
It strolled in, mingling with the guests, seemingly waiting for a menu that never made its way to the majestic beast.


The amused onlookers eagerly filmed the king of the jungle as it calmly held court among the tables. After a while, much to everyone’s surprise, the lion gracefully excused itself without causing any commotion.

Visitors at the Kidepo Savannah Lodge found this occurrence to be exceedingly rare. Tourism expert Eric Ntalo shed light on this unusual behavior, attributing it to the intense midday heat. He explained that lions, during such times, seek refuge to cool down and typically lack the energy to cause harm unless driven by hunger.

Capturing this captivating encounter, travel consultant Diederik Vandehoeke shared a video of the lion’s impromptu cafeteria visit. His admiration for the creature served as a springboard to promote the pristine wilderness of Kidepo Valley National Park. Vandehoeke highlighted the park’s authenticity, urging immediate visits while humorously advising keeping children on a metaphorical “doggy-lead.”

Kidepo boasts a lion population of 132, making it one of Uganda’s most densely populated parks. Remarkably, the park has witnessed a steady rise in its lion count over the years.

Local lore speaks of the park’s hospitable lions, known for their willingness to pose for photos with visitors.

Encompassing 1,442 square kilometers and graced by seasonal rivers Kidepo and Narusi, the park is home to a diverse range of wildlife. While Kidepo is renowned for its lion population, other stunning destinations in Uganda, like Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park, also offer unforgettable opportunities to encounter these magnificent creatures.

Read here the 7 unique reasons why Kidepo Savannah Lodge would make you sleep in the tent when visiting lions

The use of tents or makeshift shelters in game parks doesn’t inherently pose a direct threat to the lives of tourists if appropriate safety measures are in place. However, certain precautions and considerations should be taken into account to ensure the safety and well-being of visitors:

Wildlife Safety Measures:

Game parks often have wildlife roaming freely. Adequate safety measures, such as trained staff, clear safety guidelines, and precautions against potential encounters with animals, are crucial. Tents or shelters should be designed to provide a safe barrier against wildlife and equipped with necessary safety features.

Security Measures: at the Kidepo Savannah Lodge

While staying in temporary accommodations, security measures should be in place to protect against unauthorized access by both wildlife and unauthorized personnel. Properly trained staff and secure enclosures can mitigate potential risks.

Emergency Preparedness: at the Kidepo Savannah Lodge

Tour operators and lodges within game parks should have emergency response plans in place. This includes protocols for medical emergencies, evacuations, and communication systems to ensure swift response in case of any unforeseen situations.

Visitor Education: at the Kidepo Savannah Lodge

Providing tourists with clear guidelines on safety procedures, wildlife behavior, and proper conduct while within the park can significantly reduce the risk of dangerous encounters.

Regular Maintenance and Inspections:

Tents and shelters should undergo regular maintenance and inspections to ensure they remain structurally sound and safe for occupancy.

While using tents or makeshift shelters may seem less secure than concrete structures, they can be designed and managed to provide safe and enjoyable experiences for visitors within game parks. The focus should be on implementing appropriate safety protocols, maintaining vigilance, and ensuring that visitors are well-informed about the potential risks and necessary precautions during their stay.

What about the Kidepo Savannah Lodge.

Across the Wild African Safaris

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Nestled on the outskirts of Uganda’s exquisite national park lies our newest addition to Nature Lodges, the Kidepo Savannah Lodge. This remote retreat pays homage to the abundant wildlife and natural splendor that have earned this park international acclaim as one of Africa’s finest.

Situated a mere 500 meters from Kalokudo gate, the lodge stands within arm’s reach of the park, offering breathtaking views of the expansive Narus Valley, Mount Morungole, and the distant mountain ranges bordering Southern Sudan.

Drawing inspiration from the surrounding savannah—its sprawling grasslands, rugged rock formations, and the vibrant culture of the Karamajong tribe with their distinctive manyattas and colorful blankets—the lodge embodies the essence of its environment. That’s the Kidepo Savannah Lodge for you

In harmony with the landscape, the lodge seamlessly blends in rather than stands out. Guests can choose between luxurious, fully-equipped safari tents or the relaxed comfort of camping tents, allowing for an immersive experience in this remarkable setting.

RATES & BOOKINGS for Kidepo Savannah Lodge

Comparing the Kidepo national park Lions with The Man Eaters at Tsavo

From the Kidepo Savannah Lodge, as you head towards the National parks; The lions in Kidepo Valley National Park and the infamous “Man-eaters of Tsavo” from Tsavo National Park in Kenya represent two distinct lion populations with different historical contexts and behaviors:

1. Kidepo Valley National Park Lions:

  1. Behavior: The lions in Kidepo are part of a natural ecosystem and typically exhibit behaviors typical of wild lions. They have not been historically associated with a pattern of man-eating behavior.
  2. Natural Habitat: The lions in Kidepo Valley National Park live in a diverse ecosystem, consisting of savannah, woodland, and mountains. They hunt wild prey species and are an integral part of the park’s ecological balance.

2. “Man-eaters of Tsavo” Lions:

  1. Historical Notoriety: The lions in Tsavo gained infamy due to a series of incidents in 1898 where a pair of lions were reported to have killed and eaten numerous railway workers during the construction of the Kenya-Uganda Railway.
  2. Man-eating Behavior: These lions were known for their unusual behavior of preying on humans, which is not typical for wild lions. Several theories suggest reasons for this behavior, including tooth problems or human disruption of their natural habitat.

The key differences between the lions of Kidepo Valley and the “Man-eaters of Tsavo” lie in their historical notoriety, behavior, and their interactions with humans. The Tsavo lions were an exceptional case where specific lions developed a pattern of targeting and killing humans, which is an uncommon behavior for wild lions. Conversely, the lions in Kidepo Valley National Park have not been documented to exhibit such man-eating behavior and are part of a natural ecosystem where they interact with wildlife rather than targeting humans.

It’s essential to note that incidents of man-eating behavior among lions are rare and usually stem from unique circumstances, often related to changes in the lions’ natural behavior due to human interference or other environmental factors.

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